About Me

Hey-hello-hi, nice to meet you, I’m Kate. If I was an asshole I’d say I’m seventeen years young, which is technically true but such a terrible way of phrasing it that I can’t even. Don’t be frightened by my millennial narcissism or the fact that I will, sorry Nana, swear like a sailor on leave in Capri.

I started this blog as part of my application portfolio for Ryerson University’s Journalism program, to which I will be applying sometime in the next six months. I want to write a wide range of content, mainly directed towards women and girls. My aim is to provide an alternative to the conventional media with which we are presented  – as if girl/womanhood is single-faceted or one size fits all. Is it somewhat self important? Yeah, sure. I’m okay with it. I hope you will be too!


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