Quotes from Canfam

Since I changed my schedule so late in the year, I ended up in some courses that I never would have originally chosen for myself. I had to join whichever classes had space, which in mid-September, isn’t exactly a good sign. This semester I ended up in Canadian Families, a social science course that – you guessed it – studies Canadian families. Literally. Some parts of the course so far I’ve found fairly interesting; discussing life course theories and the evolution of the modern nuclear family. Today we start our new unit, Intimacy in Relationships. Reading between the lines of the course outline, its pretty much all about good old sex n’ love. Joy!

My teacher doubles as our school’s rugby coach and is a huge Patriots fan. He’s a total chad, but a sweet guy and a decent teacher overall. That said, I don’t think anyone could make the upcoming material anything but…awkward? I’m not sure what to expect. Class discussions of past relationships? A who’s who of school sexual gossip? I’ll keep you updated.

In honour of today’s new unit, I decided to post the list of quotes I’ve been carefully gathering throughout the last months. People in my class say some pretty funny things, in or out of context. Read through them – maybe they’ll give you a feel for the class atmosphere or something. Maybe the aura of my wacky Canfam class will connect with yours in a magical beam of sunshine and happiness! Or not. Let me know.

On zip-lining…

“It was really scary. I broke my nail.”

On parties…

“My grandma walked me to the door. She knocked, and when no one came, opened it herself and walked in. She yelled at this random girl walking by ‘This is my grandson! Take good care of him!’ Then she left. I thought everyone would hate me, but I was like a fucking rockstar. Everyone was jealous of my Grandma.”

On Uber…

“I’m all about Uber.”

“I took my first Uber this weekend. It was not as cool as I thought it was going to be.”

On love…

“You’re falling in love, that’s great, but don’t forget about your other responsibilities!”

On finding your zen…

“Self-reflection is like, the most important.”

“I really recommend that everyone finds thirty to sixty minutes in their day to meditate – it’s so soul clearing, you know? And also do yoga.”

Jealous yet? I’m sure there’s still room.

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